First-author papers

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2019 (under review) – Finite sample variance estimation for optimal dynamic treatment regimes of survival outcomes with E.E.M. Moodie, J.S. Nijjar and R.W. Platt, Statistics in Medicine

2019 – Estimating optimal dynamic treatment regimes with survival outcomes with E.E.M. Moodie, J.S. Nijjar and R.W. Platt, Journal of the American Statistical Association

2017 – Non-regular inference for dynamic weighted ordinary least squares: understanding the impact of solid food intake in infancy on childhood weight with E.E.M. Moodie, R.W. Platt and B. Chakraborty, Biostatistics

2017 – A comparison of bivariate, multivariate random-effects, and Poisson correlated gamma-frailty models to meta-analyze individual patient data of ordinal scale diagnostic test with B. Levis, A. Benedetti, B.D. Thombs and collaborators, Biometrical Journal


2016 – Head motion predicts transient loss of consciousness in human head trauma: A case-control study of mixed martial artists with A.E. Forgaty, C.S. Guay and collaborators, American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

2016 – Mortality after spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage: Causality and validation of a prediction model with Y.B. Abulhasan, J. Teitelbaum and collaborators, World Neurology

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2015 – Descent of the fetal head (station) during the first stage of labor with E.F. Hamilton, A. Ciampi and collaborators, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology